For us, the most beautiful part of the country, and one our family is lucky enough to call home. Salcombe Suppers exists to bring ‘a delicious taste of Salcombe’ to you, wherever that might be.  

Meet the team (family). Mum and Dad have now been running award-winning seafood restaurants for the best part of 20 years. During lockdown, stuck with a load of fresh – but sadly surplus – seafood, we decided to get in on the act. No business plan, just a desire to keep it from going into the bin.

Fast forward to today, and we’ve come to realise that seafood wastage isn’t just a lockdown problem. With over a QUARTER* of everything that lands going into the bin, it’s a huge global issue. Using our seafood culinary expertise, we’re now on a mission to fight seafood wastage, one delicious Supper at a time.

The Horne Family. X


  • SUMMER 2021

    We launched! Initially selling only from Crab Shed Salcombe. (Here's a pic from our first photoshoot, onboard a friend's yacht, Dorothy - you might see it bobbing around Salcombe harbour.)

  • We secured our first stockist, at Aune Valley, Kingsbridge. We sold all four in a day, which at the time, felt like we'd put Mr Charlie Bigham's out of business.

  • Supper's were selling well, and Aune were wanting more, and more...

  • CHRISTMAS 2021

    We hosted our first Supper Club, which in true Salcombe Suppers fashion, was a seafood feast.

  • In time for the Salcombe Christmas rush, we launched our curries, from both Crab Shed Salcombe, and Aune.

  • SUMMER 2022

    After another awesome summer, we started to reflect on feedback like this. We wanted to make our products even better...

  • AUTUMN 2022

    So we launched a pop-up in London, allowing us to get direct customer feedback!

  • After an epic first weekend, we got on Deliveroo.


    Our year-long London pop-up allowed us to experiment with all areas of our business. We now spend each day trying to create the most delicious prepared seafood meals, or Ready-Suppers, as we like to call them.